About me

Philip Oettershagen Portrait

My name is Philip Oettershagen, I have been working as a freelance motion designer in Cologne since 2014. After training as a design assistant with a focus on media and communication, I graduated as an industrial designer from the Folkwang University of the Arts in Essen and then turned my attention to moving images.

My projects are always about one thing: I want to tell exciting stories. I'll do my very best to get to the heart of your story, so that your viewers, customers or employees won’t want to look anywhere else. How do I do this? I develop stories and the right design to go with them. Right from the start I have three things in focus: The result must be fun, look good and arouse emotions.

My customer base is diverse and ranges from production companies and NGOs to small and medium-sized enterprises. For me this means that every job is different, down to the smallest details. This is exactly what drives me. Because nothing is more boring than repetition.

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Interested in collaboration? Or questions? Just write or call me, I'll get back to you:

Philip Oettershagen
Mathildenstr. 46
50679 Cologne

+49 163 - 1740221