Explainer videos

Concepts, facts, products, processes, organisations, relationships - many things are not always easy to communicate. And that's exactly what makes a good explainer video: It tells a complicated story in a simple way, gets to the point quickly and deftly and ideally it is also entertaining. Depending on whether it’s for customers, employees or patrons, an explanatory film must always strike the right note and, ideally, must also be understandable across language and cultural boundaries.

Web animation

In principle, web animations can be integrated into any website. They are run and controlled in real time directly in the browser. They integrate seamlessly and take the user experience to a whole new level. Web animations offer many advantages over videos or gifs:

I speak all necessary programming languages to get great results quickly with your webmaster.

On-air Design and Opener

One of the tasks of on-air design is to convey the look and feel of a new format. It opens and closes every TV show, conveys a certain mood and the communicates respective content. It also provides a recognisable frame which is highly valuable- even beyond the boundaries of the screen.

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